Monday, September 24, 2007


We are still enjoying our foster-son and can't believe it will be four weeks on Friday that he has been at our house. We have seen some many changes and developments. He finally seems to be adjusting to our schedules.

Last week I finally got over to see my Grammie -here is pic of the occasion:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jockey Person to Person Party

To all who take the time to read my blog - THANKS!!!!! I want to invite all of you to a home-party this Sunday, September 23rd at 3 PM at my place. A close friend is starting off with a new business and I want to support her efforts. I have purchased some of her Jockey Person to Person products earlier this summer and am VERY impressed with the quality and the creative way that the clothing makes me feel skinnier....seriously. The knitted tops are crazy-soft and don't get me started on the underwear!!!

Here are some things that I have purchased in the past (which ya'll have probably seem me wearing waaaay to often). I will not put picks of the underwear up....that's just wierd. If you want to check out the entire new catalog, go to There are products for workouts, office, casual, and for sleep. There some totally cute yoga pants that keep tempting me. And how freakin' cute are the slippers....ugh...I love shopping.

Am I being to pushy??? Here is another reason to come bum around at my place on Sunday afternoon - you can love on the little baby! I'll also have some yummy snacks and some adult beverage options.

Interested? Shoot me a quick email to before Saturday night and I'll send you directions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reality Check

Yesterday was a planning meeting on our foster care case. The birth family is working very hard and desperate to have their son back. I don't blame them at all! They have a lot of work to do with classes, parenting trainings, and visitations. Best case scenario, it will be January when the little guy goes home.

Pat and I are working to adapt our mindset to the temporary nature of this placement. There is still a chance that the case may go to adoption, but in my opinion, it is unlikely. We will just enjoy the time we have with the baby and keep working with him so that he reaches the milestones and gains the skills that he needs to be a healthy toddler.

I appreciate SO MUCH all the support we are getting from family and friends. This is a hard, hard process but we believe we are safe, healthy, bright spot in this child's life (and for future placements too). We go back and forth on whether we will try again to have a family via foster care. Its a gamble.

Monday, September 17, 2007

No words needed


Yesterday was the long-awaited day when Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, AKA the Yarn Harlot, came to Wichita. OMG...she was awesome! What a hoot. It was so great to have a good laugh! Jessica Mounts and I met before the program and worked on our respective sock projects. Once we got to the presentation (held at East High), you would not have believed the crowd. There were close to 300 knitters in the building, all wielding their needles and projects!

She is touching my sock!!!!!!!! I am not worthy......he, he, he.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A New Journey

It has been a long sleepy week! A week ago today, Pat and I received our first foster child. We are busy trying to adapt to him and the requirements of the foster care program. I may be away from my extracurricular activities for awhile until we figure out all of the little guy's needs.