Thursday, May 04, 2006

We Met Alton Brown!!!!

Jessica, Pat, Kris and I went to the small town of Florence last Saturday (20
miles east of Newton) for a fund-raiser a brisket feed where Alton Brown of "Good
Eats" was filming an episode of his new show,"Feasting on Asphalt". He was
there for some bbq joint. I guess the premise of the show is he and some
french chef travel across america on motorcyles stopping off at "good eats"!
Well Saturday he and his crew stopped in Florence. That night the town was
having their anual town brisket dinner at the high school gym. Alton and his
crew decided to stick around and help with the needless to
say....WE MET ALTON BROWN!!! and got our picture taken with him. He is
genuinely a very nice guy. the personality that he portrays on his show is
how he was!!! Along with getting our picture taken with him Jessica had him sign
his autograph on her marriage license! (It was the only paper she had in her
purse. ) His comment was, " This is a first. I've never signed a marriage
license before!" He was so friendly and cute too!!!

Oh yeah and the food was awesome. What a great time!!!!