Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Rest of the Office Update

OK, so we got the desk delivered and the office set up (minus all of the junk that will eventually need to go in it somewhere, and we haven't finished the closet yet--though you'll have to come here to see that because it will be too cramped to take pictures). I tried to update this last night but it wasn't uploading pictures correctly so we'll try it again now with the last few pictures I have.

Here is the new closet door we put in.

This is the pass through that goes from the right hand cabinet into the closet behind it. Practically, this will allow us to store long items and still be able to get at them since the back of the closet will probably be blocked with clothes. Impractically, we thought, someday, a child might like it for a "secret room" type place. Now if we could only successfully breed we might make use of it. Our nephew Tanner loves it, though. Also, that is a monkey hiding in there now. The Puma (Newton's own superhero, who likes to visit people and leave surprise presents when they are on vacation) left this for us a few years ago while we were in Canada. He looks good in here.

Here is the new desk. It is mighty. You can sort of see the carpet in here too. We also go the pictures hung. Yea for us being productve!

Last one. This is just the outside wall with drapes and pictures up. Libby puts alot of stock in things like drapes, so I figured I would share them with everyone.

OK, that's that. Lots of pictures, but considering how long this project has taken I suppose that makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to look it over.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Office Update

So I thought I would post some pictures continuing the process of our construction (oh, and this is Pat, in case anyone cares). This way we have an easy way to show everyone what's been done.
this could be rather long, since we haven't updated this in several weeks, but bare with me.

This is the only process picture we have of the "overhang" that we built to cover up the heat duct that goes through the room. Libby also wired a light into it. My desk goes underneath it in the finished project.

And here is the finished project.

This is the system we used to create the bookshelves. These boxes we built and stained then attached to a 2x4 that we attached to the wall along a stud. Each end box was 1x8 size to accommodate the dining room door and the closet door. The four middle boxes were 1x12 depth.

And here is what they looked like with both boxes up and the shelves put in. There's still plenty of "froo froo" crap that has to go on each of these, though, before it's all said and done.

Here is the row of shelves up. We still needed to finish cutting a few of the shelves themselves--we had to cut each to individual measurements since concepts of "square" and "accurate" were foreign to us.

And here is the finished project with all of the decorative touches added (we may elaborate on them in the future, but this is what they're going to look like for the time being). As you can see, all of this work created JUST enough bookshelf space for the books that I already had. Guess I'm going to have to sort through them and get rid of enough to make room for future purchases. Which is fine. I have some books I stole from Newman's library as a college student that I really don't need anymore. I mean, The Prague Spring? Who cares. And you wouldn't believe the Hemmingway collection I have. You'd almost think I liked the guy.

And our desk is just arriving so I better close this and continue later!