Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Betcha Can't do THIS in Your House!

I have a lot of sketches laid out on paper for this office. Sometimes you just need a bigger visual, though. The best part of this remodel has been spraypainting the sketches directly onto the floor. He, he, he. This is actually the space required for our wine fridge, wine rack, shelf and coat rod. A motley assesmbly, but you'll soon see the "vision" as construction continues.

Look for "Phase 2" to be continued this weekend. I'll try to be better about getting pics out to the world as the project progresses.


Phase 2: Rough Construction

Phase 2 of the office/library is the electrical rough-in and and any additional framing that needs to be done before insulating and sheetrocking.

Himself drilled all the holes for the electrical but the wiring was/is up to me. I really like doing the electrical but I would be lying if I said I was a confident electrician. Before, I always had my dad double checking my work to make sure it was right. Now, I'm on my own (well, with a few frantic emails sent overseas). I did do a little refresher via Google. I have put all the sockets on one line and I am convinced that I need to pull another line over to the light switches that will feed off to the three seperate light fistures (dad?). can I connect those two main lines and put them on the same breaker (dad?). Please, please, please do not let my insurance agent read this!!!!

At this point, some of you will be thinking, "oh, well the inspector will let you know if it is wrong." Although I work for the government and love being a public servant, I have sorta failed to get building permits for any of our projects (except for the shed--that would be pretty obvious for that to just "appear" in our yard). Its not that I have anything against paying for the permit or any of the monetary aspect...its just our house...there is no physical way that we could bring this 100+ year old house up to anything that resenbles "code." Its just easier this way...don't try to argue. Look at the picture of our existing electrical if you don't believe me. Someone fifty years ago thought..."hmm, we need 'nuther outlet in the bedroom. Well, let's just jerk in the wires from the kitchen and screw an extral terminal to this here board. Shoot, one of the screws missed the dang wood block. Ah well, it'll do."

Good times, good times.

We also discovered a few cobbled together old cloth-wrapped wires with ceramic insulators. The wires are still live and it appears that they run into our dining room. They are probably what is giving me power to run the computer right now.

On a super-cute note...kitties love construction. It must be the dirt. They totally butt-dig this room right now and eagerly come in to see what treasures (of the ancient mousey kind) that we have uncovered each day.

Phase 1 Complete

Himself and I finished up the demolition on Saturday, February 11th. What a mess! The ceiling was half filled with cellulose insulation that had migrate from the exterior wall and all filled with a hundred years of dirt that had worked its way down from the floor above.

It took three trips to the dump to get rid of it all.

When tearing out the east wall we found a cool mouse nest full of all kinds of history. I scooped it all into a storage container so that I can go through it and see all the things that this other "resident" used when it lived in our house.

Take a close look at Himself in this picture...what a dirty boy! Notice he is wearing his wedding ring...after this pic was taken, he managed to lose it for over a week. Long story (very long story) was in his work glove.

Alright People, I'm Not Dead

Just been crazy busy with work, demolition and applying for grad school. I'll start inputting all the updates tonight.

Sorry! :)