Tuesday, September 02, 2008

At least I was thinking about posting

Right. So it has been a month and every day I think, "Hmm, I should really post some new pictures 'n stuff." Finally, I am stitting down. Family and friends know that I am a terrible procrastinator. But really....I was thinking about doing it all month!

To get to the meat of things:

1. I needed some home improvement instant gratification.

The hubby and I are still plugging along on the bedroom remodel. When we (I) were still mudding and sanding, I deceided that I would stop what I was doing and start a NEW project. (Again, to family and friends, this is nothing new. When it comes to any project, I think I have ADHD).

Here is the before...apparently the only pictures I have of the dining room are from eight years ago (and thirty pounds ago). As another aside - this picture cracks me up! We all look so goofy!


2. The boy continues to be funny.

We have had this Pampers box for at least a month and it continues to be a favorite toy. Its latest adaptation has been as a lounging-tv-watching-bed.

He has figured out how to use a straw:

He likes cake with blue icing:

He liked going to Chuck E Cheese (oh shudder):

And...he has discovered that he is a boy.


Jessica said...

I love the dining room! Meg and I were talking this weekend over coffee and a whole slew of "This Old House" and Pottery Barn catalogues... and my creative juices are flowing. Great pictures of the boy, too... just wait until he's 12, it gets worse (and stinkier). :)

Ami said...

Awesome pics Libby. Gabe looks so cute in his little pampers box.